Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa Help Cetowy Edition

Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa

23rd March we threw our monthly underground battles, yet this time it was a little different. March edition was dedicated to our homeboy Cetowy in Poland struggling for his life. If you’re unfamiliar with his situation, read this:

Personally my first experience with Cetowy was in 2005, when he booked me to my first ever international judging gig taking place in Poland. I traveled there straight from BC One finals in Berlin and spent a pretty crazy week in Gdansk teaching workshops and judging battles. Polish scene was still pretty young but there was already a lot of the same people who’re out there making noise internationally today. It’s been great to see their journey throughout the years. In Gdansk I also met Moysex from Spain for the first time who became a great friend for me. This wouldn’t have happened without Cetowy.


Throughout the years I’ve been able to meet Cetowy again dozens of times on travels such as first Circle Kingz, Hip Opsessions and so on. All I got to say is that he’s a good man who’s done a lot of great things to his country’s scene. With that in mind, support his cause and help him out if you have a change. Finland’s got love for you homie.