Four Generations of Finnish Bboy Crews


Electro Dynamics est 1985, Flow Mo est 2002. Photo at Toprocks club 2005

Here’s a list of bboy crews that have existed in Finland after 1984. The list is not final and it’s constantly updated. As you can see the late 90’s and the turn of the century was the time when there was the most crews. After breaking started getting back on music videos the effects can be seen directly. Run DMC’s It’s Like That  and Bomfunk MC’s videos made a huge impact among others. The list is made by the years the crews were started so some still kept and keep going after the certain era was done. Some crews united to form new crews to keep going.

With a crew I mean real crews of 3 or more people which are not only combined to enter a competition but have a longer history. Thank you AT and Pimpu from Electro Dynamics for contributing to the list. Feel free to add to the list on the comments below.


  • Electro Dynamics
  • Spiders
  • RC Street Crew
  • Fantastic Rockers
  • Taxi-Crew
  • Ice Breakers
  • Tremendous 3
  • Magic Waves
  • Break J
  • Ghostbreakers
  • Battle Crew
  • Unit 6
  • Electric Break Crew


  • MidPoint Rockers
  • Illmatic Crew
  • Savage Feet
  • Helsinki City Breakers
  • Stepwise Crew
  • Funky Flow Artists
  • Foo Moves
  • Rival Tribe
  • Young Beat Crew
  • High Voltage Crew
  • Moon Freeze
  • Magnificent Moves
  • Pataa Tulee Crew
  • Napapiirin Tanssi ja Rock
  • Shape Shifters
  • Breaking Elements Crew
  • Foreign Attack
  • Sonic School
  • Riski Clique
  • BDrill’s
  • Metal Force Crew
  • Kid Force
  • Svengi Jengi
  • Technical Moves Crew
  • Psychotic Steps
  • Skillusion
  • La Familia Noble


  • Flow Mo Crew
  • Ghost Crew (Sweden, Norway & Finland)
  • Style Maniacs
  • Rancid Rockers
  • Deep Forrest Dealers
  • Rhythm Souldiers
  • Rytmisektio
  • Breakfast crew
  • Across the Floor Crew
  • Pure Tactics
  • FloorPhilia
  • Stadi 09
  • Beat Warriors
  • Kisisposse
  • Floormarkers Crew


  • Joensuu Bboys
  • Quarter Squad
  • Moves of Space
  • Sticky Rukus
  • HC Meisseli Crew
  • Nästi Crew
  • Oulu’s Finest
  • FreeDown Crew
  • Cosmic Lizard Squad