The golden age: Toprocks Club era Helsinki


Toprocks vol 2 at Eatz, Feb 19th 2005

There’s always certain eras that are significant and mold the whole culture. Toprocks Club era was definitely one of them and made a change for Finnish bboying.

Toprocks Club was a club night in Helsinki around 2005-2007. It was thrown by Rähinä Records, the biggest Finnish hip hop record label, to give recognition back to bboys and real hip hop culture. That was a brave move that we loved and supported from the heart. Toprocks started at Eatz club and it was THE night for all bboys, bgirls and hip hop heads to wait for. Djs spinning classic hip hop, funk and soul with circles all night.

The most important thing for Toprocks was the timing. 2005 was the year when the Finnish crews had the the most rivalry and fire. Like you saw from my previous post Finland was full of crews in every city that time. Flow Mo had started traveling more couple of years back and every time we came back we were full of boasting confidence gained from our battles outside the country. That was put to a test in Toprocks by the hungry rivals.

The way there


Driver Mercy-1 on our way to the first Toprocks, Jan 22nd 2005

2005 I still used to live back in Jyväskylä, a city more up north from Helsinki. Maybe the best part of the experience was always the way there. You hop on the car with the guys, you know you’ve been training as hard as you could for the last months and now it’s time. The three hours in the car to get there was full of anticipation. Who stepped their game up since last time, who’s been lazy? You KNEW everybody would show up but you didn’t know who was ready. It was also about the rivalry between cities that time. A carful of bboys from Jyväskylä against the rest of the country, let’s see who can bring it!

The look


Another important thing for Toprocks was the flyers. Tolin from Flow Mo was responsible for the graphic image and you could really tell that. Every flyer was unique but all had the same Toprocks look with the outlaw fonts, old school photos and the original hip hop flyer feel. Very important element that is often slept on these days. Toprocks flyers were some of the illest flyers I’ve seen in Finland’s hip hop history.

Last nights


The club was on and off until 2006. 2007 we managed to do a collaboration, one of the last Toprocks with Flow Mo and Rähinä records. Toprocks volume 9 was officially Flow Mo Crew Five Year Anniversary edition that went down on the opening night of a new club Redrum with the best sound in town. We had the honor of having guests like Skeme Richards, Ynot and Wary among others and it came out an unforgettable night. Toprocks ran a few times after that but eventually died out.


The beauty of Toprocks was that it had the rawness of our art in the party atmosphere, spiced with the hunger of upcoming bboys and bgirls. It’s rarely seen today but why is that? Bboys & bgirls prefer staying in training spots over parties. But eventually if you wanna make it you’ve got to put yourself to a test outside your comfort zone and safe environment. If we want a change it’s up to us. Flow Mo Sounds 1 years party next weekend, time to bring it back to the clubs!


Focus, Ata and Taya, first Toprocks Jan 22nd 2005

Bboy Steps throwdown Toprocks vol2:

Bboy Ata throwdown Toprocks vol2: