B.I.S. Aftermath


Nan Jing road

Back home from this year’s trip to Shanghai B.I.S. jam. Chinese know wassup, an amazing trip with a lot of friends from all over.

This year’s set up for the venue was pretty crazy with bboy statues and all. For panel discussion on friday we had a full audience not to mention Ynot’s workshop that was absolutely packed, so we knew this year was was going to be extra hype. Finding Uptown Records store on the first day seriously emptied my pockets so something had to be done. I decided to enter the footwork battle after a few years break.


Bboy statues at the venue


Ynot toprock workshop


Uptown records was good to me, got to spin a few of these at pre party

With around 200 people entering, I knew you’d have to seriously stand out to take the crown. I had to win the audience on my side and throw some concepts that the others didn’t have. I owed Robin a burn from our previous battles so now I got my chance. It worked and I had a good day over all. See the semifinal against Full Deck and final against Robin below.

Other highlights for the weekend were calling out Focus Crew on the side circles. Had to be done. Monday afternoon workshop with Kareem and Frankie Flave was packed like you’d expect from China. We got to share what we felt we could give. A lot of questions were asked on originality, China’s thirsty for knowledge and ready to work hard for their skills. Can’t wait to see what will happen in a few more years.

B.I.S. Semifinal: Focus vs Full Deck

B.I.S. Final: Focus vs Robin


Workshop at Caster studio