Focus Flow Mo: HISTORY VHS coming soon!

Focus History VHS promopic

Photo and cover art by Mikko Björk / M-tertainments

My new movie, HISTORY, will be released this summer. The trailer is already out produced by Pablo Films. I’m releasing the movie on a collectors edition VHS only. If your first thought was why, find out below.

Today on the Youtube-age footage is everywhere. It’s both good and bad. We get access to a lot of important footage that we wouldn’t have seen otherwise which is great. Our dance can spread around the world to new places we could never even think of. Today b-boying is finally really global, you can find it any place in the world. That wouldn’t have been possible without the internet and services like Youtube.

At the same time the emotional value of footage is almost gone. When I grew up we worked hard to find our bboy-tapes. We would trade VHS tapes over mail even to different countries. I remember sending my list of tapes to places like Canada and Germany, ending up sending parts of my collection too by mail hoping to get the return delivery as promised. If you ran into a hip hop store with bboy-tapes on travels, that was the greatest thing that could happen to you. Finding the Swiftrock tapes, early Battle of the Years and Freestyle Sessions, the Ken Swift tapes had a huge influence on opening our eyes for the culture in a whole. And I still have all of them. Today footage comes and goes, it’s disposal fast food entertainment and doesn’t really have any collectors value anymore. But like vinyl records, it can be something worth owning and can carry memories for years and years. VHS release of the HISTORY is a tribute for the late 90’s times of our days coming up hungry for knowledge and working hard to find it. It’s a tribute to the masters of that age who poured their hearts out making the tapes to inspire the generations: Ken Swift, Swiftrock and Storm, Maurizio, Freeze, Kujo, Mr Wiggles, Ivan, Wicket, Poe One and Style Elements, Boogie Brats etc.

focushistory pablofilms

History project is very dear to me. I’m turning 30 and I’ve been rocking for 18 years now. It’s time for me to collect my history under one cover in order to look to the future. At the same time you could say that with the crew we made history by taking the Finnish skills worldwide. HISTORY is a documentation of that journey, from learning from the masters, to training spots and different training methods, to rocking the cyphers and battling all around the world. HISTORY is my story. Nothing more than a rugged and raw bboy VHS tape, the way our art has always been documented the best.


Big thank you everyone who have been helping me with the project for their incredible support: Pablo Films, Boogie Marketing, Olli aka Mercy-1, Mikko Björk / M-tertainments and of course the notorious Flow Mo Crew!

Ps. We’re not completely stuck on 20th century, every VHS comes with a download code.