BC One Nordic / FM 11 Anniversary

A busy week behind! Last week I entered RedBull BC One Nordic Cypher. I had been training hard for it for the whole spring. Flow Mo Anniversary weekend started the day after BC One. Being responsible for many things over there made my last week pretty hard to concentrate in battling at BC One. At least I got a small break from going through all the organizing stuff in my head when I caught a flight to Copenhagen with Hatsolo, Vesa The Vice and Hoo Hoo representing Finland.

Focus - ActionGoing against the new generation is always challenging. The top players change every two years while only a few remain. I fought my way to the final staying true to my style. BC One stage is easier for people with bigger moves but we gotta believe in what we represent and stay true. Final was against Zoopreme from Denmark, 21 year old energetic young promise. Eventually I got all the votes and that means I’ll represent North Europe in Italy for the European finals. Time to hit the lab again for the rest of the summer.

Focus - Lifestyle

When returning it was time to hit Flow Mo Anniversary straight. It turned out to be nothing less than expected, an unforgettable weekend full on parties and hip hop culture! Most of the jams today are only about the competition but FM Anniversary is a cultural experience with competition on the side. Skeme destroyed it the whole weekend reminding people why he’s known as Mr Fantastic. Casper and Karim represented hard which was inspiring to see. Our concept No Holdin’ Back didn’t fail to entertain again, congrats to Hoo Hoo for winning it the second year in a row! Can’t wait for next year to rock it again…

Judges show with Karim and Casper: