The path of a b-boy/b-girl is not complete without finding the roots and learning about the history of the culture. But at the end of the day one must see that world of street styles is full of people on a mission to build a legacy for themselves. Some people claim everything for themselves, and they’ll also be the first to say what YOU do is wrong. Teachers, are you honest when you teach? Do you teach real history or only your story?

When I teach I urge my students to question EVERYTHING I say! Instead of taking my word as the truth I encourage them to do their own research on top. If my stories get confirmations from other sources that means I have completed my mission, to pass on what I have learned and believe is right. If they find my teaching useful they use it, if not they leave it. When teaching I try to give references to my teachers so they have something to continue their research to.


Truth will set you free but only if you let it. As a student eventually you have to to form your own truth. YOU are your number one teacher. It’s up to you if you believe everything blindly or give it a second thought. Always keep the mentality of a student and an open mind. Learn from as many sources as possible and ask questions. But don’t be held down with other peoples vision, FORM YOUR OWN.