MidPoint Rockers est. 1997

My first crew was formed is 1997 when up and coming hungry bboys from the surroundings of Jyväskylä city decided to take it to the next level. I started breaking in 1995 influenced by older dancers I saw getting busy in parties. After a short time my peers stopped so I was lucky to find my way in training with the older kids. We formed a crew and called it MidPoint Rockers since we were located right in the centre of the country.

Original MidPoint Rockers members:

  • Jani Salonen
  • Juuso “Noizy-1” Salonen
  • Jussi “Focus” Sirviö
  • Pasi Piipponen
  • Mikko Ahlgren (the teacher and mentor of most of us)
  • Mikko Jaatinen
  • Jani Kuparinen
  • Antti Lahti
  • Karl Lojander


Besides training hard we rocked circles in local hip hop parties. During this era there was no organized battles or competitions so we would get busy anywhere we found good music. Leading hip hop parties were Da Fixx Mob in Lutakko and hip hop and rnb club called Domino, later known as Blaze. For the new years of 1998 we got a word of a hip hop party in the capital Helsinki. For over 18 years only, I was too young to go, but most of the crew was older than me so they went. When returning home they were absolutely on fire, they had battled Helsinki City Breakers. My teacher Mikko Ahlgren was a story teller type so he’d go through the battle in all details and I was green of jealousy. They told me I’ll get my chance later for sure.

1999 was the time. Helsinki Battle, the first strictly bboy jam was organized in Helsinki after the silent years of the 1990s in Finland by Pasi Palonen aka Kool Ski (yes we had Kool Ski in Finland too) of the Kool Kat Records. Crews from around the country like Funky Floor Artists, High Voltage, Kid Force, Magnificient Moves etc. entered the crew battle at the event. We represented with MidPoint. Competition was done Battle of the Year style so everybody did a show and the best crews moved on to the finals. We did the show with a live mc, Matti Partanen, a good friend and a gifted rapper from Jyväskylä.

MidPoint Rockers made it to the final against Magnificient Moves and after a half an hour final battle we took hope the big W.


Check the final battle here:

After the millennium changed some member moved on to other things with their lives. With the members that was left we joined forces with leading members from Helsinki based crew Savage Feet. April 22 2002 Flow Mo Crew was born, which is a story of it’s own.

I had a chance to rock circles with some of the original MidPoint Rockers members few weeks back. It’s been some years from the last time so I have to tell witnessing that 90’s style gave me goose bumps again.