VAASAN presents: Unknown Masters

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 05.21.49

Recently I had a chance to work with an interesting project. A famous Finnish rye bread company VAASAN decided to bring up masters of Finnish arts and sports unknown to the general masses and made a series of mini documentaries. They called the series “Unknown Masters” and hired the best in film making, Cocoa, to make it happen. I got a call and we hooked up in a ware house on a cold Helsinki winter evening.

I was happy to see the film was shot by Taito Kawata. He’s a master of his own and was responsible in making crew mate Rome-1’s solo DVD Bboy Aesthetics ten years back. Bboy Aesthetics was the first project to feature the “Cocoa” logo, that later set the standard for Finnish rap music videos with new gifted artists like Gracias and Noah Kin.

Anyhow, the story line goes from what got me into breaking, my philosophy of it all the way to my diet and dreams. Taito followed me to a Flow Mo Sounds party and a class at Saiffa with his crazy expensive Phantom videocamera. The result looked pretty amazing, you can see it below. One of the best thing on my career has been the chance to work with real professionals no matter the genre or field of art. This kind of projects give me more fire and hopefully inspire others as well.