S.O.U.L. – Random thoughts about soul


A dancer with soul has no fear. By that I mean a soulful dancer is not afraid to show what the music makes him feel and how it makes him react. A soulful dancer is a tool for the music to make itself visible. A soulful dancer does not pretend one bit. If you got soul at the best you express with no boundaries, limits and restrictions.

Soul can be seen as a musical approach. If you understand and feel soul music it can and will be seen in your dance. A lot of the dancers today on the top are raised to the game by the competition, not by musical or cultural approach. A lot of the music in many battles is very mechanic with no soul. If the dj’s don’t give you soulful music how can your dance be soulful? Then it’s left up to the dancer to do their own research outside the battles and events to find real music with soul. Without soulful music your dance can not be soulful.

Competition beats are all about the break. Yes we’re called break boys & break girls but there’s a reason for the section of the records called break to exist. Break is about the build up that leads to the break, break is the climax of the record. The section that makes you go off after you’ve been waiting for it for so long. When the break is only played itself stripped down of the melody, vocals, bass line and the groove, it lacks soul. If the break and the drum is the only thing that’s left for the battles then we miss a big piece of the puzzle. So dj’s please, put yourself to the position of a dancer and see would the stuff that you play make yourself dance. Or is it just mechanical sounds that let you spin, flip and freeze on the one.

Great music is universal despite the genre or the time and the year it’s been put out. Keep doing your research and dig deeper. Music is an endless source of inspiration for a dancer so don’t take it lightly. Because eventually, “it’s not the move it’s the groove”. Have a soulful day!