Flow Mo Sounds Cypher Saturdays

Thinking back of the 20 years of dancing most of the best memories don’t have too much to do with competing. Finnish jams like Kuopio Breaks and Toprocks, one of the best battles of my life battling Rock Steady Crew in the UK Champs pre party, B-Girl Fight Club in New York, Cypher Adikts in LA… The list goes on and on.

For this reason our next edition of Flow Mo Sounds serves a bigger purpose. We’ve come from clubs to open for all ages this time. That’s because we want to have a platform for us, for the current scene and also the new generation to get busy! Forget the eliminations and schedules. Next Flow Mo Sounds will be an all circles hip hop jam. It will go on for 120 minutes full of action on 28th February 2015 in Helsinki. Sounds to make you dance provided by the Flow Mo Sounds Dj’s which is me, AT, Mercy-1 & Rome-1. If the support is good we will continue this between few months. See the event below, bring the fire!