IBE 2009

I was born in a small place called Simpele in Eastern Finland in 1983. Growing up I moved around Finland after my parents’ jobs so getting used to new places was not an unfamiliar thing in my childhood. Eventually we settled to central Finland. My sister was my music provider as a kid. Among others she was a big Michael Jackson fan so I was always hearing what she was playing in the house. She also gave me tapes of MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice which I thought was the coolest thing on the planet.

First time I saw breaking was at the age of 11. My school used to have parties for kids and there I saw older guys get down. It was something very intriguing and kind of scary at first. My peers had to convince me to start taking classes on it. In a way we were very lucky that out of all the places we actually had breaking classes in 1995 when the dance was not nearly as big as it is now or was in the 80’s. My first teacher was Mikko Alhgren, an 80’s generation bboy, with whom and a few others we formed our first crew MidPoint Rockers around 1997. Flow Mo came in five years later on 2002 when the crew and some members from Helsinki based Savage Feet decided to join forces and unite.

With Flow Mo we spent our weeks training and weekends traveling to jams. We entered all the competitions we traveled to, and after that battled people on the side and where ever. Hard work and paying dues year after year started to pay off eventually. I got to travel the World dancing on five continents and saw hundreds of jams. I got to judge some of the biggest contests on the planet and teach thousands of people around the World. I got to learn from, work with and even battle and test my skills against the people I looked up to. It’s been an amazing trip and it still goes on.

Eventually I got to work a lot behind the stages as well. With three other Flow Mo members we opened our studio Saiffa – Flow Mo Dance School in 2010 in Helsinki. It was a long awaited dream come true to have a steady base for building the next generations of street style dancers. With Saiffa we organize a lot of events for dancers as well including Flow Mo Anniversary and Finnish Bboy Championships in collaboration with Finnish Bboy Association. Opening B-Boy & B-Girl Dojo with AT was another turning point, has made it possible to reach people globally in one second. With IBE I’ve had the honor to work together for Focus On Footwork Battle. 2014 I graduated from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences for Arts Management studies in Helsinki.

Long term love affair with music turned into dj’ing, With our collective Flow Mo Sounds, we’ve rocked and thrown parties both national and international, played tons of battles and worked with a radio show. Check more HERE.

1st places in events like:

  • 3 times Circle Kingz World champion, Switzerland
  • 3 times IBE Footwork Battle champion, Netherlands & UK
  • 2 times Hip Opsession solo champion, France
  • 2 times B.I.S. Bboy In Shangai champion, Crew & Footwork, China
  • First European Official Concrete Battle champion, Switzerland
  • 6 times Finnish Champion Crew Battle
  • 2 times Finnish Champion solo
  • World Dance Colosseum champion, Japan
  • Rock Steady Anniversary Crew Battle Champion, USA
  • Battle Supreme Texas champion, USA
  • V1 Festival, Russia
  • etc

Judged major battles like:

  • Battle of the Year World Finals, Germany.
    • Eliminations in countries like Japan, Italy, Belarus…
  • R16 World Finals, Korea
  • Freestyle Session World Finals, USA
  • Red Bull BC One, Italy
  • Outbreak World Finals, USA
  • Outbreak Europe Finals, Slovakia
  • World Bboy Classics, Netherlands
  • UK Bboy World Championships, UK
  • Out For Fame US National Championships
  • Juste Debout World Finals, France
  • IBE, Netherlands
  • Chelles Battle Pro, France
  • World Dance Games, China
  • Cyon Bboy Championships, Korea
  • Circle Prinz Taiwan, Sweden and Croatia
  • Confronto Final, Brazil
  • Cypher School, Red Hot the Prince, Hong Kong
  • Be B-Boy, Japan
  • New Taipei Bboy City, Taiwan
  • etc.

TV performances in Finland:

  • Dancing with the Stars Finland
  • So You Think You Can Dance Finland (judge)
  • Eurovision Dance Contest Finland
  • Eurovision Song Contest Finals
  • etc.

Music Videos:

  • Fintelligens – Ei tekosyitä
  • Puhuva Kone – Puhuva Kone
  • Elastinen – Anna sen soida!
  • Elastinen – Syljen
  • Max C – Time to Get it on
  • Rockin’ Da North – Operaatio RDN
  • Paleface – Colgate Soulmate
  • Lord Est – Pelaat ja juhlit

“Focus is the epitome of a modern day B-Boy, he is dynamic, musical, original, humble, respectful, hard working, loyal, professional, intelligent & above all else, someone definitely not to be messed with! There’s very few people who give me so much pleasure to DJ for, his love for our culture & music shines through when he dances (something he always does a lot of) and as any good DJ who’s had the pleasure of playing when Focus is around will tell you he always finishes when he should, on beat, on time and with a bang! ” – Dj Timber