Flow Mo Crew


Flow Mo Crew is a Helsinki based bboy/hip hop-crew formed in 2002. It was formed when some members of two crews, MidPoint Rockers and Savage Feet decided to join forces. Flow Mo is known for it’s original style that has a big respect for the foundation of bboying and hip hop yet still looks very original and recognizable. The crew has had a wide influence on todays breaking worldwide with it’s members traveling the world for years.

Besides breaking the crew members are very active in other elements of urban arts such as music production, dj’ing, visual arts and event organizing. The crew has released two crew DVDs, Lifetime of Soul and Arctic Flow’ers. Flow Mo stands for hard work and love for the culture.

“Flow Mo is one of the only true school crews in the world. They have style to their style throughout the years. Not following trends but making them.” Dj Renegade, UK

Active members of Flow Mo Crew:

  • AT
  • Focus
  • Hatsolo
  • Mercy-1
  • Rome-1
  • Saki-1
  • Sign
  • Taya aka T-Flow
  • Wartecs