As an artist for almost 20 years, you need to suck energy from your surroundings to keep moving forward. Here’s some of the things that keep my fire burning, hope they inspire you as well.



I’m in a position to be surrounded with a lot of talented people who work hard for their dreams. It’s a blessed position that I’m very thankful for. Seeing the crew get better year after year inspires me, keeps me on my toes and training even harder.



Ever since starting with this bboy thing, I was always inspired by the pioneers of this dance. We grew up on BeatStreet and Wild Style and that left it’s mark on our dancing as well. In the mid 90’s when starting we didn’t know about the French, the German or the Swedish scene that was alive and kicking. All we had was the 80’s New York footage our first teacher Mikko Ahlgren hooked us up with Rock Steady Crew and New York City Breakers, those we studied for hours and hours. That was our truth and remains so to this day.

Couple of years later around 97 or 98 we got exposed to Storm, Swiftrock, Maurizio, Evo, Second to None, Nico, Freeze, Aktuel Force and other European bboy veterans. It blew our mind that European bboy history was so incredible and gave us a lot of energy to keep up. After seeing Style Elements vs SouthSide Rockers going at it in Battle of the Year 97 that was it. Bboying was still alive and coming up stronger than ever. Both sides inspired us on that battle. Southside with their more classic approach with Kangols, Superstars and Camo gear. Style Elements with Remind and Crumbs blew our mind with their creative approach. They gave us belief in originality. Seeing the Boogie Brats tape made that belief stronger.

Suicidal Lifestyle was another story of it’s own. Among with Second to None and Enemy squad, they made us work hard in learning our foundation with groundpower. Later on meeting people like Poe One, Alien Ness and Mr Wiggles have had a great impact on the way I see this dance. Newer generation real crews like Massive Monkees, Skill Methodz and Seven Dollars gave us faith on building our skills together as Flow Mo.



I love training. Simple as that. Different forms of training too. I get my stamina, strength, speed and mental toughness from physical training. That means hitting the gym, kettle bell training, bodyweight training, running and so on. That also gives me the power of freedom when training breaking. This makes a lot of things possible and lets me flow freely. Both have to be in balance. Development in physical training requires a lot of studying, research and perseverance. One must never forget the importance of recovery and nutrition.

When training breaking I search for thoughtless flow with expression and fast reaction. Too many prethought patterns just slow you down. To me bboy training is searching for a perfect form but not limited to it. That’s the balance of it too. It’s the endless hunt for snares that keeps me going back to the lab. Music gives the energy that keeps me getting up. Economy of movement is what I strive for to make the movement light and effortless. Once that’s reached you can go on forever.



Finding music in it’s purest form gives me a lot of joy and energy. The album covers, the smell, the cracking sounds on the back are the things that add to the value of great, timeless music. Finding the album of a long lost classic teaches you more about the artist, how they lived their lives and saw their vision. Besides the song you’re looking for, the other songs on the album and also the cover art make the whole experience and are there for a reason. Knowing music is essential in understanding bboying. I’m learning more every day.



Masters of all fields always inspire me with the time and dedications they had to put in to gain their understanding. Weather it’s a great musician or a great fighter they have a certain energy that glows their experience. Despite the field of art, mastery is universal and always inspiring.

Hip Hop culture


The hip hop culture as a whole is unique and full of creative energy, making something out of nothing. Weather it’s a whole car, a concrete session, freestyle rhyme, a transformer scratch, a customized sneaker or beatbox, it all stems a certain attitude that I can not find in anything else in life. In lack of inspiration I look deeper to other elements of hip hop culture.


It’s amazing how tastes can bring back memories. All food is functional, it’s either good or bad for you. Let food be your medicine and everyday life feels a lot better. What we eat is essential to feeling good. Feeling great let’s you enjoy life and get better results in what ever you put your mind into.