Focus Flow Mo: HISTORY VHS coming soon!

My new movie, HISTORY, will be released this summer. The trailer is already out produced by Pablo Films. I’m releasing the movie on a collectors edition VHS only. If your first thought was… Continue reading

B.I.S. Aftermath

Back home from this year’s trip to Shanghai B.I.S. jam. Chinese know wassup, an amazing trip with a lot of friends from all over. This year’s set up for the venue was pretty… Continue reading

Going back to Shanghai

Next week I’ll head back to Shangai to judge B.I.S. Bboy In Shanghai event. Last year was super crazy with Hatsolo, Amjad, ATN, Ruffneck, Hustle Kidz and everybody. Can’t wait to go back.… Continue reading

The golden age: Toprocks Club era Helsinki

There’s always certain eras that are significant and mold the whole culture. Toprocks Club era was definitely one of them and made a change for Finnish bboying. Toprocks Club was a club night in… Continue reading

Four Generations of Finnish Bboy Crews

Here’s a list of bboy crews that have existed in Finland after 1984. The list is not final and it’s constantly updated. As you can see the late 90’s and the turn of… Continue reading

FocusFlowMo.Com officially open!

Welcome to my brand spanking new website! This site will make my blog more official and it will have information about my projects, tour dates and such. Hope you like what you… Continue reading

Saturday Breaking @ Saiffa Help Cetowy Edition

23rd March we threw our monthly underground battles, yet this time it was a little different. March edition was dedicated to our homeboy Cetowy in Poland struggling for his life. If you’re unfamiliar… Continue reading

French Legacy

When I started getting my hands on the first European VHS bboy tapes after the mid 90’s Aktuel Force was everywhere. I saw them battling and rocking all the circles. Simply put, their… Continue reading

Had enough of breaks?

Bboys complain a lot about funk music, that they don’t feel breaks in battles no more. But I truely love this song and it makes me feel great, so going off to it… Continue reading