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The AgeOfAquarious festival & Beats4Life

This winter in Finland has been exceptionally dark. Last November Helsinki had a total amount of 13 hours of sun light during the whole MONTH! That’s simply too much (or too little I… Continue reading

Funky fresh dates for 2015

The 2015 tour schedule is starting to look real nice. The mission for this year yet again is to catch the best cultural hip hop jams all around the world and represent that… Continue reading

S.O.U.L. – Random thoughts about soul

A dancer with soul has no fear. By that I mean a soulful dancer is not afraid to show what the music makes him feel and how it makes him react. A soulful… Continue reading

Focus & AT Tour 2015

Promoters! Add family vibe to your hip hop event by booking the infamous b-couple Focus & AT of the Flow Mo Crew! Recent World Dance Colosseum 2vs2 Japan winner couple makes a great… Continue reading

SuomibreikkiƤ 1983-2013

A brand new documentary about the 30 years of Finnish breaking has just been released. It’s done in Finnish language so this review will also be written in Finnish. English subtitles available so… Continue reading

Break SM / Finnish Open Bboy Championships this weekend!

This weekend is the long awaited Break SM / Finnish Open Bboy Championships!!! Weekend full of program, a great way to finish a busy year. I’m super exited to see who takes it.… Continue reading

August madness, five festivals in one month

This August has been a special since it fit 5 weekends in one month. To me that meant 5 big festivals in 5 different countries, madness. A month packed with great experiences and… Continue reading

Italian Excellence

One reason I started this website was that I had a need to spread the stories I’ve encountered of the development of bboying during the years. Growing up as a bboy in the… Continue reading

Focus Flow Mo: HISTORY VHS coming soon!

My new movie, HISTORY, will be released this summer. The trailer is already out produced by Pablo Films. I’m releasing the movie on a collectors edition VHS only. If your first thought was… Continue reading

B.I.S. Aftermath

Back home from this year’s trip to Shanghai B.I.S. jam. Chinese know wassup, an amazing trip with a lot of friends from all over. This year’s set up for the venue was pretty… Continue reading