Crew competitions today

October 13th, 2010

First of all this post is no disrespect to promoters, ya’ll doing a great job and working really hard to make beautiful events happen. Not always people understand how much work it takes to put up an event or a jam. This is a dedication to all the crews training and aiming to win competitions.

I’ve seen a lot of contests and battles. From all other categories, the crew battles stay different: All about flips, threads, crew routines and a whole lot of diving over, under and between bboys. Hiding one’s weaknesses behind 5-6-7-8. What ever happened to ill bboys, all round bboy skills and dope solos is crew battles? I miss that.

Stop training to win competitions, we see right through it. Start training to beat the next bboy with confidence on your own all round bboy skills. That’s the only way to gain real respect.

Peace, inspiration and health to everybody reading this. Comment if you feel me!