Mind, Body and Soul

July 7th, 2011

Reading the Bruce Lee’s book, Tao of Jeet Kune Do for the second time now and it inspired me to rethink bboy training. Asian culture has more of a 360 view on training (for example in kung fu) while western culture emphasizes the physical and leaves else often on the side. A lot of people think about bboying as learning the moves instead of living a lifestyle. To get to a grand master level, a wider view is needed. So to open the idea I wrote something called Mind, Body and Soul approach in bboying. If one of the pieces in the puzzle is missing, your training is could still be completed. Don’t get me wrong, I’m learning everyday myself and always looking for a higher understanding in bboying and life in general. Check it out:


Starting with the most obvious, training the body.

  • Training the dance, learning new ways of movement and putting it all in one through freestyle.
  • Conditioning training for strength. Bodyweight workout or working on weights with set goals and understanding (for being able to do this without injuries)
  • Conditioning training for endurance. Running, swimming, cyphering. Strength and endurance are separate factors and are gained in different ways of training.
  • Proper nutrition, good diet and enough water. For body to work property and in good health, proper fuel is needed.


  • Studying the history of hip hop dance and hip hop culture. Learning where the dance came from will help to understand where it could go.
  • Presence of hip hop elements. If your life is surrounded by hip hop culture, the hip hop feel will automatically find your dance as well. Embrace dj’ing, mc’ing, graffiti, hip hop dance, beatbox, hip hop fashion, custom gear, jam organization, flyer design etc…
  • Meditation, relaxation, rest. Helps to empty the mind, gain more presence and thoughtless, natural freestyle. Empty mind improves reaction, relaxed mind makes a relaxed, explosive body.
  • Work. Wether it’s your nine to five or school studies, work gives balance in life and meaning for your training.


  • Studying music. Music enhances feelings leading to a richer life. We’re lucky to have music in such an essential part of our culture. Different genres of music affect your life in different ways. What I’ve gained from some genres:

Funk: rhythm and expression

Hip Hop: feeling, groove, presence

Gangsta rap: swagger, confidence, motivation

Soul/RnB: joy, love

Rock: energy and motivation in stressed situations

  • Creativity. Don’t be afraid to push things forward. Own ideas build your enthusiasm and makes the dance YOUR dance.
  • Presence of good people, family, crew and friends. Presence of nature. Improves your life force for being able to overcome greater challenges.