Piracy vs Support

January 30th, 2011

Every euro, dollar or yen you spend can be seen as a statement of your support. Wether you give your cents to multinational corporations or support local people is always your choice. Not using your pennies can be a statement as well.

When it comes to media in hip hop, piracy is here to stay. I personally don’t have too big of a problem with people getting access to my footage in countries DVD’s would never reach. Maybe it gets me another job one day who knows. After the VHS era bboy dvds haven’t put decent money in anybody’s pockets I guess. But at the same time there’s definitely a limit that shouldn’t be crossed. In this small subculture, sharing copyright material is no doubt a straight insult to the people producing it.

I went to a jam recently where I saw somebody hustling burnt bboy dvds from his backpack. He came up to me as well and guess what. Homeboy tried to convince me to buy a “Focus FM” dvd-r. No covers no nothing, just a dvd-r with a Focus FM tag written on it on a black marker. I told the fella to give me his profits and we’re even, he laughed and left. I stayed feeling confused and yep, robbed.

Another good example of lack of support in our community. I been to jams where dj’s rock cd-r’s and even worse, play other dj’s downloaded mixtapes in battles. And are probably getting paid for it too. I’m talking about full mixtapes including scratches and shoutouts. It’s a weird feeling hearing “Mr Fantastic” from the speakers when the dj doesn’t match.

So once again, pay your entrance at the door, buy your dvds and records, support the people who put in work and actually make things happen for our community.