I’ve been teaching dance regularly for over a decade. I find it’s a satisfying job in which you can see the result of your work directly. I also believe we and bboys and bgirl have an obligation to pass on what we’ve learned so the new generation can grow a healthy scene for the future. Nowadays I teach weekly classes in Helsinki at Saiffa – Flow Mo Dance School from Wednesdays to Thursdays for all levels.


I’ve taught hundreds of b-boy workshops for thousands of people all over the World. Whenever traveling I always find time to teach a class. Usually I end up learning something myself at the same time. My workshops is based on understanding the foundation of the dance but has a lot of different other aspects to it as well such as history, originality, understanding music, freestyle skills, additional training etc.

Here’s a few photos:


ibeworkshop ibeworkshop2 taiwanworkshop3 taiwanworkshop5ibeworkshop2012 brazilworkshop2010